Albany Memorial Park Cemetery

The Albany Memorial Park Cemetery offers a fascinating window on history as the first consecrated cemetery in Western Australia.

Memorial Park Cemetery is now a closed cemetery but was formerly a group of denominational cemeteries which date from the initial gazetted as a public burial ground in 1840 to closure as a public cemetery styled Memorial Park Cemetery in 1959.

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A Fascinating Window on History ...

The entire cemetery presents as a fascinating visitor experience – the setting, the landscape, the grave markings and the memorials. The graves and memorials commemorate the burials of people over a period of one hundred years and reflect the developing community of a port settlement which began in 1826. This settlement became the town of Albany and finally a city and major regional centre.


... In a Unique Location

Albany Memorial Park Cemetery is composed of two parts, the Lower Cemetery and the Upper Cemetery. It is divided by Middleton Road at the north-east entrance and forms a part of the present day urban core of the City of Albany

Preserving Our Community History

All the burials in the cemetery are significant from the perspective of social history. Many are important for the materials used or for the aesthetic appeal of the tombstones and railings. Many burials are of interest as servicemen, as mariners or as people of high profile in the life of Albany. Most are relevant as ordinary people with no claim to notoriety.

Memorial Park Cemetery Records

In 2004 the Albany Regional Family History Society decided to combine their records with the Albany History Collection at the Public Library and form a database of records for Memorial Park Cemetery. All care was taken in compiling the records but there were inconsistencies from different sources. Therefore the database is a work in progress and it may contain errors. With that being said it is mostly accurate and a useful source of historical records.

Use the box below to search Memorial Park Cemetery records. Records can also be viewed either at the Albany Public Library in the Albany History Collection section, or at Allambie Park Cemetery.

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A Slice of History

The following is a selection only, indicative of the rich social and aesthetic experience which is available to visitors of Memorial Park Cemetery:

  • Francis Bird 1845-1937
  • Archdeacon Alan Jenkins 1908-1956
  • William Mort 1888-1947
  • Geoffrey Todd 1929-1947
  • Matthew Cull 1848-1938
  • Francis Clifton 1868-1870
  • Anthony Hordern 1842-1886
  • Henry Camfield 1797-1872
  • John Wollaston 1791-1856
  • Patrick Taylor 1807-1877
  • Alexander Collie – d 1835
  • Sir Alexander Cockburn-Campbell 1804-1871
  • Nellie Mabel Saw 1890-1919
  • Spencer family graves and the adjacent Greek funeral stele intended for the gravesite on Malta of William Spencer (child)
  • Hassell family group of graves
  • Sisters of St. Joseph graves
  • Noongar (Aboriginal) graves
  • Chinese graves
  • Pioneer member of the original 1826 board party – d 1827
  • Pensioner Guards – recorded burials from 1855-1901
  • Convict – recorded burials from 1852-1905
  • Australian Commonwealth War Graves