We have Maps available for both the Allambie Park Cemetery and the Albany Memorial Park Cemetery. Each map is available for viewing or download. We have also included our location on Google Maps.

You will also find a detailed map of Allambie Park Cemetery when you visit our grounds.

At the Albany Memorial Park Cemetery you will find an interpretive sign detailing areas of interest and information about unmarked graves.

Looking For Our Office

The Albany Cemetery Board Office is located by walking down the right-hand side, outside the Crematorium Chapel Complex (section B2 on the map) at Allambie Park Cemetery & Crematorium, Lower King Road, Albany.

Office hours are from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on week days

Allambie Park Maps

Map of Allambie Park Cemetery

Allambie Cemetery Map

Location of Allambie Park Cemetery

Albany Memorial Park Maps

Map of Albany Memorial Park Cemetery

Location of Albany Memorial Park Cemetery